The Problem with School Lunches

What is the problem with school lunches?

After reading an article on the topic, Bitte and Hanna discuss the Swedish phenomenon of all children being served hot school lunches throughout their time in school, along with:

  • What are the students served? How is it done? And what is the cost?
  • The astonishing food waste in schools!
  • The concept of “wish lunches”, is Sweden moving towards a school restaurant? What about medical necessity for a particular diet?
  • How are school lunches handled internationally?
  • What “should” a healthy packed lunch contain according to The European Food Information Council? (No surprises there, then.)

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All About Champagne

Hanna tells you everything she learned on her recent road trip to the Champagne region in France!

Believe it or not, most Champagnes are actually very low carb. And a glass can certainly add to your joy of life, which is one of our are values.

Learn more about Champagne, both the region and the drink, as Hanna tells you about:

  • How Champagne is produced. Which grapes, how, when, where?
  • How is rosé Champagne made? What does a Vintage mean?
  • Epernay versus Reims – where to stay and what to do?
  • Hanna’s top three personal recommendations for Champagne houses to visit!
  • And, perhaps most importantly, which Champagne pairs the best with steak?

Remember that we are not sponsored by any brands mentioned, and we of course advocate for responsible drinking.

Enjoy this episode!

Dr Ali al Lawati on Type 1 Diabetes

“You need to give up something to gain something.” – Dr. Ali al Lawati

Listen in as Hanna chats to internist and fellow Type 1 Diabetic, Dr. Ali al Lawati!

They talk about this (and much more!):

  • Dr. Ali’s diagnosis story. When was he diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, how and what was the diet he was advised to follow at first?
  • How did Dr. Ali get into medicine?
  • Insulin and the weight gain – how did Dr. Ali solve that?
  • Diabetic complications – what can we do to halt them? And what did Dr. Ali do to reverse his?
  • The incredible story of how Dr. Ali discovered that a low carb way of eating was right for him.
  • Endocrinologists and basic biochemistry – what’s missing?
  • Learn Dr. Ali’s top 3 tips to simplify you’re life with Diabetes

“It’s sad that a lot of doctors don’t know the power of changing lifestyles.” – Dr. Ali al Lawati

Both Dr. Ali and Hanna share some true gems in terms of their lives with Type 1 Diabetes, their struggles, wins and hope for the future. This episode is very special.

“You can never reach this level of comfort with Diabetes with a regular high carbohydrate, low fat diet. It’s impossible.” – Dr. Ali al Lawati

What did you learn? And who is your diabetes hero? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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Our Best Mallorca Tips

In this episode, Bitte and Hanna share their very best Mallorca tips with you! They have both spent a good amount of time on the island and share some of their golden nuggets and personal recommendations. Mallorca is so much more than just kids clubs and all inclusive hotels!

Hope these tips help you on your next trip to beautiful Mallorca.

Enjoy this episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

Why Bitte Went Carnivore (or, Never Miss A Pap Smear!)

Bitte is ready to reveal her reason for recently going carnivore, and it all started with a missed pap smear.

In this highly intimate conversation, Bitte and Hanna talk all about:

  • HPV virus
  • Cell changes and the severity of them
  • (Swedish) health care mishaps
  • Treatment & surgery
  • Long awaited results and questions (that couldn’t be answered)

Ladies, please don’t skip out on having your pap smears done. It’s a painless procedure and can save you so much hassle in the future. Otherwise Bitte may just keep her promise mentioned in todays episode!

Science Nerd

This week, Bitte and Hanna discuss Science Nerd, inspired by their recently confirmed speaker Julia Tulipan!

  • What is a science nerd? Is it the same as health nerd? Bio hacker?
  • What does a science nerd do? And why?
  • Personal experiences – does Hanna’s T1D stand in the way?
  • What does quantified self” mean?
  • Get your science nerdy ticket to LCU18 here! 

Are you a science nerd?

Please tell us your comments and reactions in a comment below!

Extra, extra! #LCU18

This week, Bitte & Hanna have TONS of updates about their upcoming signature event #LCU18, including:

  • The international flair of #LCU18, where are people form?
  • The first version of The #LCU18 Schedule is out! Who is speaking about what?
  • Our newest speaker Javier Gilbert Jaramillo! What does he do?
  • Our final, still secret speaker – can you guess who it is?!
  • Something amazing happened while recording this episode! Listen in and find out what it is!

Enjoy this weeks episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!


You can find the very preliminary schedule here. 

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Can Keto Change?

Today, Bitte and Hanna contemplate on whether or not the concept of keto is static, or can it change?

  • Where did they start out with low carb? And where are they now?
  • Exactly how big is the low carb umbrella? What is included, what isn’t?
  • Where does the name The Low Carb Universe come from?
  • Who is our newest speaker addition?
  • What is the Number One key to be successful with low carb?

Welcome to this weeks episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

Bitte Goes Carnivore

Bitte goes carnivore and talks all about her experience, including lab results, in this weeks episode!

  • Why did Bitte decide to go carnivore? And will it be forever?
  • How has she done it? Learn more about Bittes unique 99% version of carnivore
  • What positives has she noticed?
  • …and are there any negatives?
  • What else has Bitte realised throughout this experiment?
  • And what did her blood work tell her after 4 weeks? Is she a hyper responder?

All this on all things carnivore in this weeks episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

How much fat on keto?

This Thursday, Bitte and Hanna take on a controversy worth discussing: how much fat “should” you eat on keto?

Inspired by #LCU18 speaker Maria Emmerich , they discuss the following:

  • fat bombs and bulletproof drinks – are they necessary for keto success?
  • The importance of lots of fat in the beginning of keto
  • Keto products, do we need them? Or should we just eat real foods?
  • Bitte lost weight while going super strict keto – a coincidence? And will Hanna reveal her methods of losing another pant size?
  • Bone broth!
  • And where should you go to discuss this question further? (Pst, we have an idea!)

Enjoy this, and much more, in todays episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!


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