The second edition of our signature event, #LCU18, was pure magic!

We started our event with dinner on Tuesday, 13th November, 2018 and wrapped it up on Sunday, 18th November. All of the pictures and happenings (and many, many more!) happily fit into those few days.

Our guests and speakers are the biggest contributors when it comes to making events, such as this one, a success! We are so grateful to have spent a couple of days together with this group, learning, connecting, laughing, sweating, questioning and enjoying. Thank you all for an amazing time at Espléndido Hotel in Puerto de Sóller!

We hope that all of you who attended LCU18 will enjoy the pictures and those of you who didn’t will get a good idea of what it was like!


Testimonials from LCU18:

I honestly don’t know how you could improve this event Hanna and Bitte. It was amazing and we loved every minute, thank you x

I can not thank you enough!! It was really soooooo interesting and perfect!!

It was a wonderful event, Thank you Hanna and Bitte. I cannot think of any improvements.

I learned so much while enjoying engaging camaraderie, daily visits to the spa, walking along the promenade, succulent meat and fish platters decorated with flourishes of crisp bright vegetables, delicate sauces that nourished the body and the soul. I am returning home transformed, full of myself, eager to leap to a new stage of health and awareness.

This was the right pace for me.

Thank you for putting on such a wonderful event! We would love to attend next year for sure.

L O V E D   E V E R Y T H I N G

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