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Every Thursday you’ll find a new and fresh episode of our podcast here. We talk about everything between who’s speaking at our events to which dress to wear at the gala dinner. And of course we’d love to answer any questions you might have! Just e-mail us or write your question in a comment and we’ll do our best to give you an answer.

Episode 50 – Dr Angharad Powell

In this week’s episode, Bitte chats to our fantastic KetoLadies 2019 speaker, Dr Angharad Powell, general practitioner and nutritional medicine!

They chat about the following (and so much more!):

  • How did we actually find Angharad?
  • Who is she? What does she do?
  • How Angharad got to the low carb way of living and what it meant to her
  • Her Type 2 Diabetes project in her native Wales
  • The Ketchup Effect
  • What will she be teaching us at KetoLadies 2019?

It will be incredibly exciting to welcome Angharad to Mallorca and KetoLadies in March! If you’re curious to learn more from her, why don’t you join us: bit.ly/ketoladies !

Episode 49 – Elena Gross

In this episode, Hanna chats to KetoLadies 2019 speaker Elena Gross, neuroscientist and migraine patient!

They discuss the following:

  • Who is Elena? What does she do? And why?
  • The excitement for KetoLadies is rising!
  • What is Elena’s background?
  • How to manage migraine with Keto and beyond
  • Is there a evolutionary role of migraine?
  • How to turn challenges into fate
  • …and much more!

Learn more about Elena in this podcast, before you meet her at KetoLadies in March!

What’s your biggest take away from today’s episode? Leave a comment below!

Episode 48 – Is low carb sustainable? Bitte celebrates 10 years!

In this week’s episode, Bitte and Hanna chat about Bittes current celebration of 10 years of eating low carb!

They talk about this (and so much more, of course):

  • how Bitte got started with low carb
  • how her version of low carb has evolved throughout the years
  • eating intuitively vs being militant about what to eat
  • how much is eating low carb (or starting with it) a mental questions and one of attitude?
  • …and how will Bitte celebrate?!

What do you think is the key of keeping a low carb way of eating sustainable? Let them know!