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Exercise and Letting Go

It’s time for your weekly health boost with us, Hanna & Bitte, on The Low Carb Universe Show!

This is where we inspire you to find out how you can boost your health this week, whether that’s in your body, mind, heart and soul. So, put on a pair of head phones and take a brisk walk (also a health boost!) with us!

In this episode, we’re discussing the following:

  • We’re happy to be happy
  • Early AF morning walks
  • Florence, Italy
  • The weather (and when is Mallorca actually the most beautiful?)
  • New exercise routines
  • A wedding
  • MEAT
  • Date nights
  • Letting go
  • …and much more!

We want to hear from you – what’s your biggest health boost this week? Share it in a comment!

Your Health Boost!

After a little break, we’re back with another episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!  (We explain it all, you’ll understand why we had to take a break when you listen.)


We also discuss:

  • What have we been up to?
  • Our adventures in London, The PHCUK Conference , and Bitte’s dresses
  • Our newsletter (sign up in the right hand corner of our website!)
  • We give you this weeks health boost!
    • Bitte talks about Vitamin D & morning yoga
    • Hanna talks about her KetoCon 2019 experience & the power of community
  • We also discuss Your ULTIMATE Health Boost – The Low Carb Universe 2019

What’s your biggest health boost this week? Share it with us in a comment!

Keto Myths – Debunked!

In episode 60 of The Low Carb Universe Show, we debunk some of our (current) favorite keto myths!

This was sparked by a comment in an online group about that the brain apparently dies on keto from not getting enough carbs? This is, incidentally, the first myth being debunked!

All of these myths are things that we’ve heard and seen around the keto-sphere for a while, and some of them keep coming back again and again.

Follow along as many more keto myths are dispelled throughout this 27 minute episode. And don’t miss Hanna’s explanation why Diabetic Keto Acidosis and ketosis aren’t the same thing. Also, don’t miss the legendary garlic chicken recipe we talk about – it’s legendary! 

What is a keto myth that you’ve heard? Share it with us in a comment!