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Real Food Keto & The Family Hike

It’s Wednesday again – and time for your weekly health boost with us on The Low Carb Universe Show! This week, we talk about real food keto & the family hike from the comfort of our own recording studios (Bitte’s laundry room & Hanna’s closet). But that’s, of course, not all! We also talk about the following… plus much more! :

  • The Weather
  • Hanna’s real food keto dinner in Zürich
  • Hanna’s horrible night – what was the boost in that?! It relates to gratitude! 
  • …and her yoga class that was self love on the highest level <3
  • Bitte’s family has joined her!
  • The Family Hike & Bitte’s fitness level
  • …and her stunning lilies! Plus Bitte’s best tips to take care of them.
  • THE BIGGEST BOOST OF THEM ALL – THE LOW CARB UNIVERSE 2019! The excitement, the goose bumps, the countdown! Join us:

So grab your walking shoes, coffee cup and blanket or let us make your commute that little bit better. And we’d love to hear form you – what’s your health boost this week?

Ps. You can still join us at our signature event The Low Carb Universe 2019! And you get 10% off your ticket using code ‘LCU19’ at checkout, too. Yay! More info here:

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