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Pickled herring & Tapetenwechsel

Welcome to this week’s health boost with us on The Low Carb Universe Show – all about pickled herring & Tapetenwechsel! We’re excited to welcome you back to a brand new episode, perfect to bring along with you on a beautiful powerwalk in your neighborhood.

What we talk about this week? Check it out:

  • Bitte talks about pickled herring
  • We had dinner together at Rolfs Kök – hear the scoop here!
  • Have fun things to look forward to (until our signature event The Low Carb Universe 2019, of course!)
  • Eating REAL food is a health boost
  • Swedish delicacies; pickled herring, löjrom (fish roe) & surströmming (hmm…)
  • The beautiful german word “Tapetenwechsel” – Hanna changed her scenery and got energized
  • The importance of changing your routine & challenging yourself!

What’s your health boost this week? Share it with us in a comment!

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