KetoLadies 2018

The very first keto event focusing on women’s health took place March 8-11 in Puerto de Sóller, Mallorca. 35 guests and speakers spent a fantastic long weekend together, filled with lectures, workshops, lovely low-carb food, dancing both in the bar and on the beach, laughing, discussions, learning – you name it!

Testimonials from KetoLadies:

The concept is super! “Women only” who speaks for and with women is always powerful and inspiring!! And you organised it perfectly. Thank you!!

I can’t say enough great things, by half way through day one I was speechless. The content was amazing, the warmth you two provided as all the speakers and the safe place to be open and honest was fantastic. Not to mention the food was absolutely fabulous. Also the way you tied the topics was so well done.

I had a fantastic experience and learned a lot. I very much enjoyed being able to meet the speakers personally and I felt the small nature of the conference made it exceptional.