The Low Carb Universe 2019

The third edition of our signature event, The Low Carb Universe 2019, was beyond incredible!

We started with dinner on Tuesday, 12th November, 2019 and wrapped it up on Sunday, 17th November. All of the incredible knowledge, amazing connections, mindful movement, and joy for life that took place during these few days can be glimpsed in these pictures.

Our guests and speakers are always the biggest contributors when it comes to making our events successful! We are so grateful to have spent a couple of days together with this group, learning, connecting, laughing, sweating, questioning and enjoying. Thank you all for an amazing time at Espléndido Hotel in Puerto de Sóller!

We hope that all of you who attended The Low Carb Universe 2019 will enjoy the pictures and those of you who didn’t will get a good idea of what it was like!


Testimonials from The Low Carb Universe 2019:

It’s a superb event with a mixture of work, rest and play!

Thank you for organizing such a great event! Good combination between learning, networking, and relaxing.

A great event. Totally awesome, ladies!!

I’m booking to return. A great location and opportunity to network with others outside my usual low carb crowd.

I loved the event!

Totally well done. Have been to many events and this one flatly comes out in Top 3.

Thank you for a beautiful event! Well done!

Thank you soooooooo much Bitte and Hanna for this event!!!! It was my 2nd time and I will for sure be there again next year if possible!!! Good luck and thanks again!

Great job you both!! Really diverse vibrant speakers.

The Food

All the food we serve is 100% real food without sugar, gluten and other additives. As far as possible, the ingredients are locally and organically produced, too. Real food is the most delicious! A little peek for you:

Lectures & Workshops

We learned so much from our incredible super star speakers! New knowledge to challenge old thought patterns, wonderful reminders of ways to achieve real health. Check out these action shots:

The People

The Low Carb Universe wouldn’t be possible without the amazing people – our speakers and guests! Thank you so much for making the third edition of our signature event unforgettable. A few of those involved:

Our Photographer – Malin Walldorf

Thank you so much for your incredible work, Malin! (far right)

Thank you SO much for your incredible help, Malin! (far right)

Our Stars – Our Speakers

Links to speakers websites/social media (and some presentation slides):

Jaydeep Bhuta

Hanna Boëthius Presentation Slides

Dr Evelyne Bourdua-Roy

Dr Ann Childers

Darryl Edwards

Craig Emmerich Presentation Slides

Maria EmmerichPresentation Slides

James Goolnik

Marit Gramstad – Yoga Nidra Workshops

Dorian Greenow

Mark Hancock

Bettina Hering – Surya Soul Dancing

Erik Hörstadius

Dr Ian LakePresentation Slides

Camilla Martinez Mares – Yoga Workshops

Eve Mayer

Ximena de la Serna

Vanessa Spina

Jan VyjidakPresentation Slides  – Presentation filmed at The Low Carb Universe 2019