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The Low Carb Universe 2019 & Connections - The Low Carb Universe Show

Real Food Keto & The Family Hike

It’s Wednesday again – and time for your weekly health boost with us on The Low Carb Universe Show! This week, we talk about real food keto & the family hike from the comfort of our own recording studios (Bitte’s laundry room & Hanna’s closet). But that’s, of course, not all! We also talk about the following… plus much more! :

  • The Weather
  • Hanna’s real food keto dinner in Zürich
  • Hanna’s horrible night – what was the boost in that?! It relates to gratitude! 
  • …and her yoga class that was self love on the highest level <3
  • Bitte’s family has joined her!
  • The Family Hike & Bitte’s fitness level
  • …and her stunning lilies! Plus Bitte’s best tips to take care of them.
  • THE BIGGEST BOOST OF THEM ALL – THE LOW CARB UNIVERSE 2019! The excitement, the goose bumps, the countdown! Join us: bit.ly/lcu19

So grab your walking shoes, coffee cup and blanket or let us make your commute that little bit better. And we’d love to hear form you – what’s your health boost this week?

Ps. You can still join us at our signature event The Low Carb Universe 2019! And you get 10% off your ticket using code ‘LCU19’ at checkout, too. Yay! More info here: bit.ly/lcu19

The Low Carb Universe 2019 & Connections - The Low Carb Universe Show

Gratitude & The Advanced Sleeper

Your weekly health boost is here – The Low Carb Universe Show is live and filled with Gratitude, as well as The Advanced Sleeper!

In this perfect-for-a-powerwalk/commute-length episode, we discuss the following (and so much more, but you should know that by now 😉 ) :

  • Bitte’s very locally grown blackberries
  • Eat real AND seasonal!
  • Nose to tail eating
  • A sleep study that made one of us The Advanced Sleeper!
  • The important boost of good skin care
  • CBD – yay or nay?
  • GRATITUDE. Is gratitude your attitude?
  • Reaching calorie goal expenditure, does that mean that you need to keep an eye on intake, too?

We’d love to hear from you, what’s your health boost this week? Share it with us in a comment and let’s inspire each other and others!