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Every Thursday you’ll find a new and fresh episode of our podcast here. We talk about everything between who’s speaking at our events to which dress to wear at the gala dinner. And of course we’d love to answer any questions you might have! Just e-mail us or write your question in a comment and we’ll do our best to give you an answer.

Episode 41 – Announcing KetoLadies 2019!


Bitte and Hanna have launched their next event – KetoLadies 2019!

They are repeating the success from this year with a whole event dedicated to women’s health from a low carb perspective. And tickets are available now.

Today, they’re discussing:

  • LCU18 (you can still join us!), the last minute preparations, changes and additions!
  • KetoLadies 2019 – the world’s only 100% low carb event dedicated to women’s health (and the best Christmas gift!)
  • Why KetoLadies?
  • Men are warmly welcome, too.
  • Inspire to a better self perception
  • How being blingy takes guts
  • …and so much more!

Will we have the pleasure to welcome you to KetoLadies 2019? Let us know in the comments!

Episode 40 – EnvironMental?

As organisers of an international event with lots of travels needed, how do Bitte and hanna reason about their environmental impact?

It’s all about continuing to raise the big awareness that is already spreading. They discuss:

  • How are The Low Carb Universe events more environmentally friendly?
  • What do the two of them do personally to improve their carbon foot print?
  • Here’s the link to their Clean Vanity episode!
  • What are their thoughts on meat eating and the environmental impact? Is veganism the answer?
  • …and what is Hanna’s biggest sadness when it comes to being unable to be environmentally friendly?

They would love to hear from you – what are your best tips to be a little more environmentally friendly? Share them in a comment below!

Episode 39 – Travel Hacks for #LCU18 and beyond!

As our signature event #LCU18 is coming closer, Bitte and Hanna talk about travel and packing tips and hacks!

Both of them have traveled quite a lot in recent years and have picked up a tip or two that has made their travel lives easier.

They discuss:

  • what to bring and what you don’t need to bring to Mallorca
  • They share many of their best travel hacks with you
  • Traveling with medications, how does Hanna do it?
  • Bitte’s spray can problem, can you help her out?

Enjoy this episode and packing for your next trip, perhaps to Mallorca in November? Book your ticket for #LCU18 here!