Behind the Scenes…

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams” – Oprah Winfrey

This week, Bitte and Hanna give you a very exclusive peek behind the scenes of The Low Carb Universe!

What is it like to organise events like LCU? What is needed? And do the ladies have extensive knowledge about this topic? They discuss all of that, plus:

– All the Unknown Factors of event organization and management
– How do they select speakers?
– What extras do they have for their guests?
– Working with great partners is key!
– Content creation and expectations within the low carb world
Enjoy this weeks episode!

Clean Vanity

Today, listen in as Bitte and Hanna discuss clean vanity. Their keto make over didn’t start and end in the kitchen, it spread all over their house holds and have also included the bathrooms and body care sections.

  • What is Bittes no-no ingredient in body care?
  • Which natural deodorant works best? Is it the same for everyone?
  • Natural make up – a jungle in and of itself!
  • Is it necessary to change everything? (Hint: no, you do what you can and find great replacements for!)

Please do note that we are NOT sponsored by any companies that we may have mentioned in this episode. We have most definitely paid for these products ourselves and have no affiliation to the companies. We recommend them out of personal joy and excitement. 

We’re fully embracing one of our core values in this episode, vanity and how it’s completely ok to want to be a tad of just that!

It’s Thursday – welcome to a new episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

Serious (?) Side Effects of Keto

Hey there, and welcome to episode 26 of The Low Carb Universe Show!

Today, Bitte and Hanna discuss some not-so-serious side effects of going low carb/keto. These include:

  • The quality of food
  • Cleaner lifestyle
  • Environmentally friendlier – recycling
  • Consumer awareness
  • More energy
  • Healthier
  • Sleep

They also discuss Bitte’s brief trial with carnivore, as well as a very important fact about #LCU18!

Enjoy this weeks episode, and don’t forget you can watch the video version on YouTube!

Is LCU controversial?

Welcome to this weeks episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

This week Bitte and Hanna discuss whether or not The Low Carb Universe and LCU18 are controversial?

Touching on topics such as:

  • Bitte’s holiday mode and new video!
  • Why do we only sell full package tickets to LCU18?
  • Can kids join the event?
  • Is the hotel a “normal” conference hotel?
  • Location, location, location!

Here is the link to the new video Bitte made about Puerto de Sóller and Espléndido Hotel!  (aka your homework! 😉 )

Remember you can also watch The Show on YouTube, if you prefer to see our facial expressions (they can be quite funny!)!

Enjoy this weeks episode!

Our Core Values

Today, Bitte and Hanna talk to you about their core values that infiltrates everything they do with The Low Carb Universe, not only the events.

Listen in as they discuss them all and why they’re important to them. Or, you can choose to watch the Show on YouTube!

Enjoy this weeks episode!

Fiber, Keto Products and Sweeteners

Whoa, we have an action packed episode of The Low Carb Universe Show for you today!

Whether you believe it ot not, in 26 minutes, we cover ALL of the following:

  • Fiber. How much for we need on keto? And why are fiber RDI’s so ridiculously high? Here’s the link to the Diet Doctor guide we spoke about. 
  • Keto products. What do we think of them? Are there any uses for these, in many cases, non-real food keto applicable products?
  • Sweeteners. Artificial vs natural? What do we think? Do we use them ourselves? Possible side effects?
  • Mallorca! Bitte is there, providing you with gorgeous glimpses every day on our Facebook page ! Do you have any questions about the island? Let us know!
  • We are starting to feel that the heat is on about our signature event, #LCU18. Don’t wait and miss you chance to join us, your ticket is right here for you!  
  • Ps. Don’t forget that you now can watch our podcast as a talkshow, over on YouTube!

Please sit back, relax and enjoy this weeks episode.

Keto Challenges

It’s Thursday!

Join Bitte and Hanna for this 22nd episode of their weekly podcast, The Low Carb Universe Show!

This week, we talk all about the challenges they had when starting low carb/keto, how to treat common side effects, ketolicious travel tips, and much more. And, is Bitte God?!

For the first time ever, you can also find this episode as a video on YouTube! Maybe you prefer to see our faces when we’re chatting! 🙂 Let us know what you think of that concept!

If you have any questions, comments, reactions, thoughts… please leave us a comment!

Enjoy this 28 minute (“televised”) podcast episode!

KetoCon 2018

Welcome to this weeks episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

This week, it’s all about KETOCON that Hanna attended and spoke at in Austin, TX last weekend.

It was an unforgettable experience, meeting both old and new friends, sharing incredible stories, warming hugs and creating stronger, ketolicious connections than ever.

It’s at events like these you realize the immense power of the Keto & Low Carb community. We’re in it to win it and we can’t be stopped.

A GINORMOUS THANK YOU to Brian and the entire Ketovangelist Team for putting together such an incredible and well organized event!

Already excited for KetoCon 2019, there’s still so much to take in and process, impressions, people, knowledge, connections…

…but Hanna tries, really hard to explain it to Bitte and calm her FOMO.


Real News with Bitte and Hanna

Welcome to Episode 20 of The Low Carb Universe Show!

Today, Bitte and Hanna take a fun spin around the hottest news headlines today complete with their keto nerd glasses on. They discuss Trump & Kim, Scotland’s weather, the soccer world cup, the Pepsi gang & The Diplomatic Ketogenic Menu!

This hilarious conversation is based on the following headlines:




The point is that humor, laughing at yourself and joy are very important for your health and well being. Bitte and Hanna choose to embrace that fully in today’s episode! You almost have to hear it to believe it!

All About LCU18 (or, don’t wait!)

Another Thursday – another episode of The Low Carb Universe Show! Welcome to this weeks chat!

Today, Bitte and Hanna discuss all aspects of the upcoming #LCU18 event in November, which is less than 6 months away (eeeek!)!

  • But first, will you take on Bitte’s challenge? Leave a comment below!
  • We go through the concept of LCU – it’s very different from other conferences.
  • What’s the food like?
  • And the rooms?
  • Who should come to LCU18? And who shouldn’t?
  • Why don’t we have any sponsors for our events?

AND: today’s tip from the coaches on this side of the microphone: Don’t wait to book your ticket. Do it now! 

Watch our BRAND NEW video series about LCU here! 

Enjoy today’s show, and as always, we LOVE hearing from you!