Pia Holmstedt-Englund is our guest!

Hello and welcome to this weeks episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

Today, Bitte has a very special guest, Pia Holmstedt-Englund! Pia was one of our fantastic speakers at KetoLadies, and taught us about breathing correctly and showed us how to do MediYoga.

Bitte and Pia discuss lots of low carb in this 15 minute episode, such as:

  • How, when and why Pia started low carbing
  • Why low carb isn’t difficult – a beginners guide!
  • KetoLadies: what did Pia think? What were her experiences as an “outsider” of the low carb world?
  •  …and how did Pia get so good looking?!

You’ll hear it all in today’s fun podcast episode!



Post-KetoLadies Syndrome

Wow, what a whirlwind KetoLadies has been!

Today, you get the behind the stage talks. Do you suffer from Post-KetoLadies Syndrome? We do, and we discuss it all, the feelings, the food, the speakers, the guests… As well as the dancing, the future, the fun and the tears.

Listen in, it’s definitely worth 22 minutes of your time. Especially if you weren’t able to join us.



The Interviews

Happy International Women’s Day! And welcome to episode 6 of The Low Carb Show – another completely unfiltered episode with lots of joy and love!

Today, we start off with interviewing…. each other! Which then spirals into a KetoLadies excitement, with a swirl through gender equality, mansplaining and then, finally, some more KetoLadies!

Links mentioned:


Enjoy & see you next week!

The Low Carb Universe Show is here!

Hello dear low carber!

It’s time to take 15 minutes out of your hectic day and join us for another fun(ny) episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

In this weeks episode, we’ll talk about:

  • Recent low carb events we’ve attended
  • Why is it important to go to conferences?
  • What’s the joy when you already know a fair deal of information about the topic at hand?
  • What was Hannas’ debut talk in Swedish all about?
  • How much will the temperature difference be between Sweden and Mallorca when we go there next week?
  • 1st March is the last day for KetoLadies ticket sales!
  • …and what does Bitte mean by that we´re together physically?! :-O

Links mentioned:

Listen in and let us know what you think!

Do you have any topics you’d like us to discuss semi-live on air? Let us know!

E N J O Y ! <3


Hey lovely low carber!

Welcome to our 4th episode of The Low Carb Universe Show! Today, we’ll be discussing the following:

  • Plateaus, stalls and being in a rut: why, how and what?
  • How can you break a stall?
  • Hormones vs calories
  • Tracking – friend or foe?
  • Menopause
  • Why conferences are important, even if you’re not “that into” the topics and/or speakers
  • Neither of us can remember the word for gravity, and it’s severely hilarious!

Links mentioned are:

Please let us know what you think and what topics YOU think we should cover in our pod!


The Low Carb Universe Show Episode 3

Welcome to another joy filled episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

Today, lovely low carber, we are discussing both our events for this year; KetoLadies as well as LCU18!

What are the differences between the events? Can’t you just go to one? (The answer is no, and you’ll find out why in the podcast!) Who is coming to LCU18? What will the weather be like for KetoLadies? And why is Bitte sitting under a blanket?!

All in exactly 12 minutes. Enjoy and hope we can help to bring a smile to your face today!

Links we mention are:

LCU18 – Speakers 

KetoLadies – Tickets



The Low Carb Universe Show 2

We’re back with the second episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

This week, we’re talking about our very first magazine cover for The KetoLadies Magazine!

We discuss all the topics, what speaker “wrote” what, and how come we’re so in love with Espléndido Hotel?! And how come we couldn’t fit it all on this cover? All this, and much more, is covered in only 12 minutes – totally worth your time!

While the magazine is still only an idea, we should perhaps go for it in the future? Listen in and let us know what you think!


The Low Carb Universe Show: Podcast Premiere

Our very first podcast episode is published!

We talk about our upcoming event KetoLadies: why we decided to arrange an event focusing on women’s health, some of the speakers, the concept with lectures and workshops, the food and atmosphere at beautiful Espléndido Hotel and the difference between this event and LCU18 in November.

And yes, we still have lots to learn about audio quality, but we’ll get there!

KetoLadies Speakers
KetoLadies Tickets!