All About LCU18 (or, don’t wait!)

Another Thursday – another episode of The Low Carb Universe Show! Welcome to this weeks chat!

Today, Bitte and Hanna discuss all aspects of the upcoming #LCU18 event in November, which is less than 6 months away (eeeek!)!

  • But first, will you take on Bitte’s challenge? Leave a comment below!
  • We go through the concept of LCU – it’s very different from other conferences.
  • What’s the food like?
  • And the rooms?
  • Who should come to LCU18? And who shouldn’t?
  • Why don’t we have any sponsors for our events?

AND: today’s tip from the coaches on this side of the microphone: Don’t wait to book your ticket. Do it now! 

Watch our BRAND NEW video series about LCU here! 

Enjoy today’s show, and as always, we LOVE hearing from you!



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