Dr Ali al Lawati on Type 1 Diabetes

“You need to give up something to gain something.” – Dr. Ali al Lawati

Listen in as Hanna chats to internist and fellow Type 1 Diabetic, Dr. Ali al Lawati!

They talk about this (and much more!):

  • Dr. Ali’s diagnosis story. When was he diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, how and what was the diet he was advised to follow at first?
  • How did Dr. Ali get into medicine?
  • Insulin and the weight gain – how did Dr. Ali solve that?
  • Diabetic complications – what can we do to halt them? And what did Dr. Ali do to reverse his?
  • The incredible story of how Dr. Ali discovered that a low carb way of eating was right for him.
  • Endocrinologists and basic biochemistry – what’s missing?
  • Learn Dr. Ali’s top 3 tips to simplify you’re life with Diabetes

“It’s sad that a lot of doctors don’t know the power of changing lifestyles.” – Dr. Ali al Lawati

Both Dr. Ali and Hanna share some true gems in terms of their lives with Type 1 Diabetes, their struggles, wins and hope for the future. This episode is very special.

“You can never reach this level of comfort with Diabetes with a regular high carbohydrate, low fat diet. It’s impossible.” – Dr. Ali al Lawati

What did you learn? And who is your diabetes hero? Leave a comment below to let us know!

Ps. You can of course meet Dr. Ali al Lawati in Mallorca, Spain this November! Get your ticket for our signature event #LCU18 here! 

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