How to treat illnesses on keto

Today, Bitte and Hanna discuss how they’ve changed their views on treating illnesses, such as the common cold, before and on keto.

They talk about the following points (and everything in between):

  • how their first treatment of illnesses has changed, and how they differ from each other!
  • What supplements does Hanna take to combat early signs of illness? What does Bitte drink?
  • When are, for example, antibiotics needed and when was the last time these two had to take them? (Hint: one is even current!)
  • Why does Bitte think it’s fun to go to the doctors?
  • What’s the deal with Keto Crotch?!
  • Exciting new speaker announcement for the signature event LCU19 in November in Mallorca! (Hint: Power Rangers!)

Welcome to this week’s thrilling episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

* Please note that there certainly are cases where medicine and pharmaceuticals are very much needed (just listen to the episode!).

What is your attitude to treating illnesses? Has it changed through low carb? Leave a comment!




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  1. Ashley Ward
    Ashley Ward says:

    Thanks for the million dollars information many get confuse and stop because of the eary illnesses. what then make a difference between those who succeed and those who fail on Keto diet visit that is my point of focus right now can you help?

  2. Bitte Björkman
    Bitte Björkman says:

    Hi Ashley,

    Thank you for your comment!

    Do you mean failing in the way of having a hard time sticking to keto? That’s a question with almost innumerable answers! Throughout the years, I’ve met many having a hard time remaining keto. Sugar addiction, lack of motivation, stress, underlying illnesses etc.

    And if you mean people who do manage to stick to the keto diet and still don’t reach their goals, I believe that what we’ve done to our bodies earlier in life plays an important role. For example, if someone has been dieting for many years – loosing and gaining weight again and again – the body needs to be healed and “feel safe” before it can begin to take advantage of the keto diet. Although, the keto diet is a way to reach that point! So patience is needed. And a lot of support!


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