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Self Love

Welcome to an especially cozy episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

Today, Bitte and Hanna talk about self love. And all the things around it. And a few more things. Maybe. 😉

  • What is self love?
  • Why is it important to health?
  • What does self love mean for Bitte and Hanna? They give you helpful ideas!
  • What is Bittes’ biggest complex?
  • How does LCU help with self love? 
  • Will we see you in London at the PHCUK conference?
  • ….and what is Hannas’ confession?!

Get comfy, get cozy and enjoy this 21 minute episode!

Hanna’s Experiment

Welcome to another episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

In episode 14, Bitte and Hanna discuss Hanna’s recent experiment and the importance of constantly tweaking your life style choices as a Type 1 Diabetic (or, as anyone, really). They also discuss:

  • What is Type 1 Diabetes?
  • Proteins vs Fats?
  • Doctor Bernstein
  • The individuality of keto/low carb
  • Shameless #LCU18 plugging (You’ll find LCU18 here!)
  • …and did Hanna just swear in the church of keto?!

Here’s also the 24 h graph from Hanna’s Dexcom continuous glucose monitor that was mentioned.

The picture shows Hanna’s blood glucose values for 24 h ranging from 3.2-5.5 mmol/l (58-99 mg/dl), including meals, insulin, exercise, work…

Edit: Hanna’s ketosis data 4 hours after lunch:

blood glucose: 5.7 mmol/l (102 mg/dl)
BHB (blood ketones): 3.3 mmol/l
Acetone (Ketonix): 16.7 PPM

* Please note: The only purpose of this podcast is to educate and to inform. It is no substitute for professional care by a doctor or other qualified medical professional. This podcast is provided on the understanding that it does not constitute medical or other professional advice or services. Instead, we encourage you to discuss your options with a health care provider who specializes in treating Type 1 Diabetes. 

Do you have any questions? Leave us a comment and we’ll answer!

Listen to this – and lots more – in this 22 minute episode! Enjoy!

Keys to Traveling with Keto

Welcome to another new episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

In this weeks episode, Bitte and Hanna discuss keto and traveling, and:

  • share their best tips for staying keto while on the road. Or not to, if you choose to go that way (We warn sensitive listeners that we verge in to some pretty liberal low-carb-talk!)!
  • What was Bitte’s worst breakfast experience?
  • And how low carb is food in Mallorca?
  • What is pa amb oli?
  • Do buffets make it easier or more difficult to stay keto?
  • …and what is the safest keto option for traveling this year?!

All this, and more in this enjoyable and chatty episode!

(We also warn audiophiles that the sound quality isn’t the best today. Sorry!)