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Childhood Obesity

Welcome to another episode of The Low carb Universe Show!

Today we have a serious discussion based on an article published in The Australian “Mediterraneans countries get obese after shunning their own diet”. You can also read the article in The Guardian.

After reading this, both bitte and Hanna were horrified. Partially due to the fact that this has become very visible on their favorite island of Mallorca, as well. We talk about the changes Bitte has seen, what Mallorcan grocery stores look like, and what we can do to save at least one little Mallorcan baby. Also, just HOW many percent of mothers don’t realise their child is obese?! Saddening and frightening.

Also, will you take on Bitte and Hannas challenge? Let us know how in the comments!

All this and much more in this weeks saddest podcast.



Welcome to another fab episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

This week, Bitte and Hanna discuss and praise their very recent adventure in London for the Public Health Collaboration Conference, held at the Royal College of General Practitioners last weekend, 19th-20th May 2018.

  • Find out all about the conference
  • Who did we meet? Amazing speakers, true heroes and many former LCU guests! Listen in for some grade A name dropping!
  • How was the mingle dinner on Saturday night?
  • What else did we do in London?
  • …and just how AMAZING was this weekend?!

All this, and lots more… in this 20 minute praise for Sam the Man and the conference!




Vanessa Spina, aka Ketogenic Girl

Welcome to an unique new episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

This week, we have a guest on the show, and it’s none other than Vanessa Spina, aka Ketogenic Girl!

Vanessa joined us as a speaker for our KetoLadies event in March and will be returning to Mallorca for LCU18 as well – something we couldn’t be more excited about (you’ll hear it in the podcast!)!

This is how Vanessa describes herself:

I’m a speaker, author and advocate for the ketogenic way of life.

I’m also the founder of Ketogenic Girl, which provides effective ketogenic meal plans and coaching for weight loss and healing. I have coached over 3,000 people to date in my program based on the therapeutic approach to keto on my 28 Day Ketogenic Girl challenge program.

I’m passionate about the power of food not only to satisfy and delight us, but also to heal our bodies and prevent disease. I believe in democratizing health for all, with a whole foods diet and believe that optimal health should be accessible to all, with simple and affordable preventative nutrition instead of expensive surgeries or drugs.”

Bitte and Hanna talk to Vanessa about lots of things in this slightly longer episode:

  • Who is Vanessa? What does she do?
  • Vanessa’s fantastic book “Keto Essentials“, and Vanessa’s admiration for cookbook authors
  • Vanessa’s thoughts on our KetoLadies event. What was the atmosphere like? And what was her favorite thing about it?!
  • Ketogenic Girl’s Guide to Making 10 New Best Friends in a Weekend 😉
  • Our expectations of #LCU18. Will it be similar to KetoLadies? Or will it be KetoLadies on steroids?

Listen in to this fantastic 26,5 minute chat and get to know all of us a little bit better! Enjoy!