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Our Core Values

Today, Bitte and Hanna talk to you about their core values that infiltrates everything they do with The Low Carb Universe, not only the events.

Listen in as they discuss them all and why they’re important to them. Or, you can choose to watch the Show on YouTube!

Enjoy this weeks episode!

Fiber, Keto Products and Sweeteners

Whoa, we have an action packed episode of The Low Carb Universe Show for you today!

Whether you believe it ot not, in 26 minutes, we cover ALL of the following:

  • Fiber. How much for we need on keto? And why are fiber RDI’s so ridiculously high? Here’s the link to the Diet Doctor guide we spoke about. 
  • Keto products. What do we think of them? Are there any uses for these, in many cases, non-real food keto applicable products?
  • Sweeteners. Artificial vs natural? What do we think? Do we use them ourselves? Possible side effects?
  • Mallorca! Bitte is there, providing you with gorgeous glimpses every day on our Facebook page ! Do you have any questions about the island? Let us know!
  • We are starting to feel that the heat is on about our signature event, #LCU18. Don’t wait and miss you chance to join us, your ticket is right here for you!  
  • Ps. Don’t forget that you now can watch our podcast as a talkshow, over on YouTube!

Please sit back, relax and enjoy this weeks episode.

Keto Challenges

It’s Thursday!

Join Bitte and Hanna for this 22nd episode of their weekly podcast, The Low Carb Universe Show!

This week, we talk all about the challenges they had when starting low carb/keto, how to treat common side effects, ketolicious travel tips, and much more. And, is Bitte God?!

For the first time ever, you can also find this episode as a video on YouTube! Maybe you prefer to see our faces when we’re chatting! 🙂 Let us know what you think of that concept!

If you have any questions, comments, reactions, thoughts… please leave us a comment!

Enjoy this 28 minute (“televised”) podcast episode!