Hanna’s Discovery

What is Hanna’s why? Why is she low carber for life?

Welcome to Episode 12 of The Low Carb Universe Show!

In this weeks episode, Hanna shares her experience with low carb and Type 1 Diabetes with you, including these points:

  • Discovering different ways of treating T1D
  • The Diabetic Online Community
  • How was it growing up with T1D? How did Hannas’ parents take it?
  • Hannas early mistakes with low carb and diabetes
  • Some good old keto & T1D myth busting!

* Please note: The only purpose of this podcast is to educate and to inform. It is no substitute for professional care by a doctor or other qualified medical professional. This podcast is provided on the understanding that it does not constitute medical or other professional advice or services. Instead, we encourage you to discuss your options with a health care provider who specializes in treating Type 1 Diabetes. 

Enjoy and please let Hanna know if you have any questions for her in the comments below!

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