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Cuddle a Dog & Blush Palma

This week’s health boost is here! The Low Carb Universe Show brings you everything you need to get your boosts topped up. This week we’re talking about cuddle a dog & Blush Palma – amongst many other things (and we laugh. A lot!)!

So buckle up, grab your walking shoes (and why not the dog, too?), or start looking forward to your commute with this weeks episode:

  • TV series, which ones are we watching?
  • The importance of cuddling a dog every once in a while
  • Family!/Happy birthday celebrations
  • Hanna’s therapy
  • Bitte’s fabulous tennis party at Legends Cup 
  • A long lost friend
  • Our favorite beautician – Annika at Blush Palma !
  • Why don’t we have food based boosts?
  • One month left until our signature event The Low Carb Universe 2019! Our speakers offer you 10% off your ticket with the code ‘LCU19’ – book now :

Whether you’re cuddling a dog or attending a fabulous party, or anything else fun this week, we hope it boosts your health a lot! And don’t forget to tell us about it in a comment!

The Low Carb Universe 2019 & Connections - The Low Carb Universe Show

Cluster boosts & Birthday

Cluster boosts & a Birthday – welcome to this weeks health boost with us on The Low Carb Universe Show!

In this episode, both of us share a cluster-boost, health, happiness, movement and joy. As well as:

  • Bitte’s friend came to visit
  • They hiked in Puerto de Sóller, visited Hotel Esplendido (where our events take place) and did a guided meditation
  • They watched lots of rom-coms (because they are life)
  • Benefits of eating real foods & the wish to attend our The Low Carb Universe 2019 retreat
  • Hanna’s final HbA1c & the amazing feeling of being a blip in the system
  • Hanna’s birthday! Hear all about the celebrations & Maria Emmerich’s (speaker at our event!) beyond amazing butter pecan cheesecake Yum!
  • Feeling loved
  • The gratitude of getting to start another year
  • The importance of Facebook/social media birthday greetings
  • Self secure & more authenticity with age!
  • “Become a star in The Low Carb Universe” – grab your ticket to our retreat in Mallorca here: 

Take us along for a walk, your coffee break or let us make your commute more bearable!

We would love to hear from you – what’s your health boost this week? Share it with us in a comment!