Pickled herring & Tapetenwechsel The Low Carb Universe Show

Weddings & Cheerleaders

Your weekly health boost is finally here! Today’s episode of The Low Carb Universe Show is summarized by weddings & cheerleaders.

Listen to us talk about all of these things, and many more, in this week’s fun episode:

  • Bitte attended a fabulous wedding (and we both love weddings!)
  • Bitte also had her wedding anniversary (on the same day as who?)
  • What are our favorite weddings we’ve attended? (Apart from our own ones)
  • Who are your cheerleaders in life?
  • Do you have your Medical Dream Team (if you need one)?
  • Life is too short for energy thieves!
  • Are you looking for new members of your Cheerleading Dream Team? (We know just the place – LCU19 leaves you with instant friends and cheerleaders! Book now:
  • Unsure what attending one of our events is like? Check out our Past Events section on our webpage!

What’s your health boost this week? Share it with us in a comment!

Ps! Why don’t you bring us along with you on a health boosting, 20 minute walk around your neighborhood? We promise you’ll have better things to focus on than how annoying your neighbors lawnmower is!

Pickled herring & Tapetenwechsel The Low Carb Universe Show

Life is beautiful!

Today’s PSA: Life Is Beautiful!

It’s time for your weekly health boost with us in The Low Carb Universe Show! Are you ready?

Today we’re discussing the following:

  • Where is Bitte?
  • The Weather
  • Weddings!
  • Fresh air
  • The power of good food
  • PSA: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! (What is the cost of these epiphanies? Life is special and magical!)
  • The body is fascinating
  • The Biggest Boost: The Low Carb Universe 2019! 
  • What’s included in your ticket? (Hint! Just get to the island! Get your ticket here:
  • Holy Coffee!

What’s your health boost this week? Remember that life is beautiful!


Pickled herring & Tapetenwechsel The Low Carb Universe Show

The Ultimate Health Boost

We’re back with another episode of The Low Carb Universe Show – your weekly health boost!

Today, we’re discussing the ultimate health boost (that you have the rare opportunity of joining!)!

We also discuss:

If you want o experience the ultimate health boost with us, come join us in Mallorca in November, where all of this (and so much more) awaits! We can’t wait to show you Mallorca and our Universe – you just have to show up. You can find your ticket here:

What is your health boost this week? Share it in a comment!

Bitte & Hanna’s Gott&Blandat

It’s back – another unforgettable episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!

Today, Bitte & Hanna are creating their own equivalent of the Swedish candy bag named Gott&Blandat (approx. “Good and mixed”). They are certainly keeping it PG and sugar free, as they discuss these topics (and much more):

  • Their respective social media live streams: Bitte goes live at 6PM CET on Mondays on Facebook for Monday Motivation, and Hanna goes live at 6PM CET on Thursdays for Type 1 Thursday. Join in if you can! Otherwise all episodes are available on YouTube.
  • Their brand new event diabetes. : Who is talking and what are they talking about?
  • Events they’ll be at this spring. Come say hi!:
  • LCU19, the signature event, tickets are selling and speakers have been announced!
  • How do you make the best scrambled eggs? Bitte shares her insights.

What was your favorite piece of knowledge? Share it in a comment!

Exactly Everything

In this episode, both Bitte and Hanna are back after several weeks of interviews with their fabulous KetoLadies 2019 speakers! 

Your hosts discuss e v e r y t h i n g that’s currently going on in The Low Carb, well, Universe! Amongst other things: 

This is where you have the chance to influence our LCU19 event – who would you love to see speak at LCU19? Leave a comment!