Santa’s little keto helpers

Hola from Mallorca! In today’s episode, Bitte and Hanna appreciate a little help from their keto friends who have recently visited them, or will visit them soon, to create a fantastically ketolicious holiday gift guide!

Of course they talk about more than the following awesome products and gifts, too. If you’re interested in getting any of these highly recommended books, things or other items mentioned, here are the links*:



For those who have everything

And our final gift idea is, of course, a ticket to KetoLadies 2019! Join us for an unforgettable long weekend filled with health, yummy food, happy memories, new information, new friends and so much more. Surprise a loved one!

Hopefully your/Santa’s list of gifts just got a bit easier! Do you have more suggestions of amazing low carb gifts to give? Leave us a comment!

*Please note* that we are in no way sponsored or otherwise affiliated with any of these products, they’re just fantastic creations by amazing people!

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