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Censorship, or How One Swedish Idea Could Be Detrimental To Science

Today, Bitte and Hanna discuss a new idea presented in one of the largest newspapers in Sweden as a debate article. And, sure enough, there is enough to debate about it!

The idea is to add a sign of approval to health and science books by an “independent source” to show which ones follow “science” and not, as there are potentially harmful advice in some books. This has been brought forward but five professors and medical doctors, clearly worried about this issue.

Bitte and Hanna discuss this, rather censorship-like, idea through the points of:

  • what has happened to common sense and thinking for yourself?
  • how will science evolve if people aren’t allowed to think outside the box anymore?
  • isn’t this essentially censorship?
  • the value of N=1 (or thousands)?
  • what science would this stamp of approval be based on? And who interprets it? And what’s the criteria?
  • the importance of individual research.

Bitte and Hanna’s conclusion? Everyone should have a choice of trying what improves their health – you do what works for you!

Would you be in favour of something like this? Leave a comment!

Vanessa Spina

In this episode, Hanna welcomes Vanessa Spina, aka Ketogenic Girl & KetoLadies 2019 speaker to the show!

They talk about:

  • Vanessa’s carnivore experiments
  • Intuitive eating & mind-body connection
  • The Big 5 Metabolic Hormones
  • What is responsible vegetarianism?
  • The KetoLadies Experience!

Join Vanessa & Co in beautiful Mallorca, Spain at KetoLadies 2019 in March: bit.ly/ketoladies

What was your biggest take away from this episode? Leave a comment below!

A life without animal products?

Welcome back! In this episode, Bitte and Hanna discuss the possibility of being vegan, living a life without animal products & produce.

Listen in as they share the following (and much more!):

  • How widespread is veganism?
  • The Swedish ministry of health’s recommendation on how to feed children a vegan diet
  • Personal thoughts about veganism
  • Their worry for the future
  • Vegan keto?
  • Eating for ideology vs health
  • …as well as their plea to vegans to become friends!

What are your thoughts about veganism? Is it something you’d try? Leave a comment!