Alone Time & Carb Universe Show

Alone Time & Friendly Fika

It’s time for this week’s health boost – today we’re talking about alone time & friendly Swedish fika on The Low Carb Universe Show!

Sometimes it’s challenging to think of health boosts, or positive things that have happened altogether, until you realize that it’s all about a change of perspective and/or attitude. Once that has been changed, it all comes flowing back to you!

Today, we’re talking about the following, plus much more:

Bring us along for a powerwalk or your coffee break, it’s your perfect boost in your day!

What’s your health boost this week? Share it with us in a comment!

Alone Time & Carb Universe Show

Your Health Boost!

After a little break, we’re back with another episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!  (We explain it all, you’ll understand why we had to take a break when you listen.)


We also discuss:

  • What have we been up to?
  • Our adventures in London, The PHCUK Conference , and Bitte’s dresses
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  • We give you this weeks health boost!
    • Bitte talks about Vitamin D & morning yoga
    • Hanna talks about her KetoCon 2019 experience & the power of community
  • We also discuss Your ULTIMATE Health Boost – The Low Carb Universe 2019

What’s your biggest health boost this week? Share it with us in a comment!