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Episode 44 – Dr Eric Westman

In today’s episode, Hanna is chatting to none other than Dr Eric Westman! They talk about Eric’s background in medicine, that he’s a returning speaker at the LCU events, the all new diabetes. event (where Eric is one of the speakers!), where we are at in terms of Type 2 Diabetes research, as well as […]

Episode 43 – Santa’s little keto helpers

Hola from Mallorca! In today’s episode, Bitte and Hanna appreciate a little help from their keto friends who have recently visited them, or will visit them soon, to create a fantastically ketolicious holiday gift guide! Of course they talk about more than the following awesome products and gifts, too. If you’re interested in getting any […]

Episode 42 – Recapping LCU18…

Today’s episode is no easy feat – Bitte and Hanna try to recap their recent and wildly successful LCU18 event! Welcome back to The Low Carb Universe Show! The dynamic duo discuss the following in today’s episode: What did they do at #LCU18? Thoughts and feelings about the event Speaker highlights! The food Any new […]

Episode 41 – Announcing KetoLadies 2019!

BIG NEWS TODAY! Bitte and Hanna have launched their next event – KetoLadies 2019! They are repeating the success from this year with a whole event dedicated to women’s health from a low carb perspective. And tickets are available now. Today, they’re discussing: LCU18 (you can still join us!), the last minute preparations, changes and […]

Episode 40 – EnvironMental?

As organisers of an international event with lots of travels needed, how do Bitte and hanna reason about their environmental impact? It’s all about continuing to raise the big awareness that is already spreading. They discuss: How are The Low Carb Universe events more environmentally friendly? What do the two of them do personally to […]

Episode 38 – The Problem with School Lunches

What is the problem with school lunches? After reading an article on the topic, Bitte and Hanna discuss the Swedish phenomenon of all children being served hot school lunches throughout their time in school, along with: What are the students served? How is it done? And what is the cost? The astonishing food waste in […]

Episode 37 – All About Champagne

Hanna tells you everything she learned on her recent road trip to the Champagne region in France! Believe it or not, most Champagnes are actually very low carb. And a glass can certainly add to your joy of life, which is one of our are values. Learn more about Champagne, both the region and the […]

Episode 35 – Our Best Mallorca Tips

In this episode, Bitte and Hanna share their very best Mallorca tips with you! They have both spent a good amount of time on the island and share some of their golden nuggets and personal recommendations. Mallorca is so much more than just kids clubs and all inclusive hotels! Hanna recommends going to a local […]