Bitten Jonsson

In this week’s episode, Bitte is chatting to addiction expert and registered nurse Bitten Jonsson

They talk about her journey  from being an alcoholic and sugar addicted up until today when she’s been a recovering addict for 33 years.

This 30-ish minute episode is jam packed with great information and knowledge, including the following:

  • The different dimensions of a “white christmas”
  • How Bitten discovered that she was a sugar addict
  • KetoLadies 2018 were Bitten was one of the speakers
  • Bitten’s passions – both professional and personal!
  • How she discovered LCHF and what impact that had on her
  • … and much more!

Bitten Jonsson is returning as a speaker for KetoLadies 2019 in beautiful Puerto de Sóller in Mallorca, 7th-10th March 2019. If you want to learn from her – and meet a truly inspiring person – you should join us! 

You’ll find more information and tickets here: KetoLadies 2019

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