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Weddings & Cheerleaders

Your weekly health boost is finally here! Today’s episode of The Low Carb Universe Show is summarized by weddings & cheerleaders. Listen to us talk about all of these things, and many more, in this week’s fun episode: Bitte attended a fabulous wedding (and we both love weddings!) Bitte also had her wedding anniversary (on […]

Life is beautiful!

Today’s PSA: Life Is Beautiful! It’s time for your weekly health boost with us in The Low Carb Universe Show! Are you ready? Today we’re discussing the following: Where is Bitte? The Weather Weddings! Fresh air The power of good food PSA: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! (What is the cost of these epiphanies? Life is special […]

Eyebrows & Self Care isn’t selfish

Welcome back to your weekly health boost with The Low Carb Universe, where we discuss the importance of eyebrows and why self care isn’t selfish. In this slightly shorter episode, we discuss the following: The Weather Vanity, eyebrows are key! Is an internet fast really a health boost? Important time with friends Bar Cubas roof […]

The Ultimate Health Boost

We’re back with another episode of The Low Carb Universe Show – your weekly health boost! Today, we’re discussing the ultimate health boost (that you have the rare opportunity of joining!)! We also discuss: Hanna’s new Vitamin D helper – dminder Bitte’s Boost: her speaker interview with Erik Hörstadius! Spreading health Joy Connection & community […]

Exercise and Letting Go

It’s time for your weekly health boost with us, Hanna & Bitte, on The Low Carb Universe Show! This is where we inspire you to find out how you can boost your health this week, whether that’s in your body, mind, heart and soul. So, put on a pair of head phones and take a brisk […]

Your Health Boost!

After a little break, we’re back with another episode of The Low Carb Universe Show!  (We explain it all, you’ll understand why we had to take a break when you listen.) WELCOME TO YOUR WEEKLY HEALTH BOOST! We also discuss: What have we been up to? Our adventures in London, The PHCUK Conference , and Bitte’s […]

Keto Myths – Debunked!

In episode 60 of The Low Carb Universe Show, we debunk some of our (current) favorite keto myths! This was sparked by a comment in an online group about that the brain apparently dies on keto from not getting enough carbs? This is, incidentally, the first myth being debunked! All of these myths are things […]

How to treat illnesses on keto

Today, Bitte and Hanna discuss how they’ve changed their views on treating illnesses, such as the common cold, before and on keto. They talk about the following points (and everything in between): how their first treatment of illnesses has changed, and how they differ from each other! What supplements does Hanna take to combat early […]

Bitte & Hanna’s Gott&Blandat

It’s back – another unforgettable episode of The Low Carb Universe Show! Today, Bitte & Hanna are creating their own equivalent of the Swedish candy bag named Gott&Blandat (approx. “Good and mixed”). They are certainly keeping it PG and sugar free, as they discuss these topics (and much more): Their respective social media live streams: […]

How, Why and What of The Low Carb Universe?

In this episode, Bitte and Hanna tell the whole story about The Low Carb Universe! Because The Low Carb Universe has recently gotten a lot of new followers (yay, welcome!), an update on the how, why and what of the operations would be appropriate. The ladies discuss the following, and much more, as usual: Their […]